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WANTED: Account Manager who can help us GROW

We find the people who transform organizations. With integrity, respect, and humility, we ensure every interaction makes even a small difference. We have a reputation for selecting people for roles and organizations where they can make a real difference. We build long-term relationships with the very best talent – our clients and the people we hire.

We see endless opportunity to grow and innovate in our space. Our clients rely on us because we have earned credibility and we happily move in the many directions they’ve requested. Our happiness and flexibility has returned lots of growth and so we need to find a new addition to our team who will help us deliver amazing results to our valued clients.
Our team started out specializing in IT recruitment services, and we’ve expanded to provide consulting in the HR and IT spaces. We need to meet you if you are able to engage, not just interact, with clients and consultants who will assist us with our work. We are a small but mighty group, which means your impact will be felt and the world is your oyster.

This is what we need you to do:
-Establish relationships with our existing clients and foster new ones, get to know our people, their business environments, and understand their needs – ideally, before they do!
-Find talented, stand-out people who are looking for their next opportunity in a range of areas. Meet them, get a feel for what they want and why they would fit with our clients.
-Improve our administrative processes with us, with every transaction that occurs. This means you can create a contract, a proposal, creatively assist us with a variety of materials that we need to acquire new business, contribute to active consulting engagements, come up with a solution.
-Upgrade our processes as you work, and help us build our brand!

Desired Skills & Experience:
Solid experience in the IT, HR and/or staffing industry are highly desired (because we’re hoping that you can hit the ground running and also introduce your best practices to your work with us). We like it when you challenge the status quo and hope you’ll change things if it helps us get to a better place.

Most importantly, we’re looking for someone who is naturally comfortable with people. You’re kind, friendly and authentic. What you see is what you get. You can communicate what’s on your mind and you’re confident. You lead with integrity, and turn every interaction you have with someone into something spectacular. You work hard and work smart. You leave an impression. You don’t give up.
This job is really challenging. Some days, you may regret applying for this role because we expect you to wear many hats (and do many miscellaneous things outside of your job description). We’re busy transforming our business and are constantly juggling many critical priorities. We don’t have all the answers and we may not direct your every activity (we’re hoping you can help us with this).
We offer a competitive compensation package (base plus commissions), comprehensive benefits, a nice bright office space, great location (Yonge & Eglinton), and opportunity to work with great people, and enjoy endless professional growth.

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