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5 Worst Things to do in a Job Interview

Although most the people we work with are young professionals with the common sense to avoid particularly egregious blunders during the interview stage, it’s not uncommon to hear a story from a potential employer that has us shaking our heads. The following blog post is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most common andRead more 

Business Card Etiquette: Networking Tips and Tricks

In a scene from the 2000 film American Psycho – a cult classic that launched Christian Bale’s career – there is an indelible scene where four professionals compare each other’s business cards with life-and-death seriousness. As they go around the table dropping thin pieces of cardboard, the main character is overwhelmed with anxiety and dreadRead more 

Calling after an Interview: Desperate or Diligent?

This situation is probably familiar to you. You land an interview with a company you really respect, you show up to the interview, you nail it, you go home, you wait for the company to call, and the call never comes. A week might go by, followed by another week. All the while, you’ll stayRead more 

Getting Your Name Out There: Tips and Tricks For the Job Hunt

Entering the job market for the first time or attempting to break into a new industry can be a frightening and stressful experience for the most hardened of job seekers. However, it can be particularly tough if you are fresh out of school and have an ample amount of education but little to no experienceRead more 

Internships: Worth It? Or Waste of Time?

The Catch 22 of snagging your dream job is as follows: you need experience to get hired, but you need to get hired in order to get experience. As many of you know, it is fairly difficult to launch your career when your previous work experience is entirely made-up of a few babysitting gigs, oneRead more 

Bridges Unburned: Leaving Your Current Job

Striking out on a job-hunt, taking advantage of a long-awaited employment opportunity, or heading out on your own as a freelancer is an exciting period of time for anyone feeling trapped by an imperfect job. However, as the world becomes increasingly connected, it is more important than ever to maintain a positive relationship with yourRead more 

First Impressions: Does a handshake matter?

We’ve all hear the old adage that there is nothing as important as a first impression. Whether you’re on a date, meeting your new employer, or greeting a neighbor, the first impression is generally the one that lasts the longest. In the corporate world, the first impression – more often than not – begins withRead more 

Short and Sweet: Avoiding the Interview Overshare

The job interview is oftentimes the last barrier to entry that prospective employees face when attempting to land a new job. From the employer’s perspective, the job interview is meant to accomplish three major things. First, the employer is interested in making sure that you have the requisite skills to actually perform the tasks you’reRead more 

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