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What do millennials REALLY want (in the workplace)?

When it comes to work ethic, no generation is more regularly denigrated than the millennials. Raised in a society of social media, fast food, and over-night shipping, it is often assumed that this generation is composed of needy, impatient, narcissists. However, this is a completely unfair generalization and often far from the truth. Having enteredRead more 

Is Your Compensation Program Working Against You?

You think you’re doing everything right:  You’ve got a great organizational culture, you’ve tried to help employees maintain a good work/life balance, and your company is meeting its business goals.  But somehow you can’t seem to attract great employees:  You’re able to get them into interviews, but when it comes to the crunch, you alwaysRead more 

Interviews: 5 Most Common Pitfalls for Employers

Great interviews are made, not born. Recruiters and employers spend a lot of time telling candidates that they should prepare for interviews, but the truth is that employers often don’t take their own advice. It’s important to remember that interviews aren’t just ‘casual conversations’ – they’re important information-gathering opportunities with a limited timeframe.  And thinkRead more 

Managed Solutions: Putting the people piece first

People can be the most complicated part of an insourced managed solution. But they’re also the most critical. When companies talk about implementing managed or insourced solutions, they’re often excited because they’re transitioning to a new model, process or technology, and they think that this new technology or process will be the ‘magic bullet’ they’veRead more 

Do you really know how candidates are finding you?

Asking candidates – or even tracking – how they applied to your position may be giving you a misleading picture. A couple of weeks ago, CareerXroads released the results of a study showing the sources of external hires: Now, most recruiters will tell you that they’ve long known that the best source of new hiresRead more 

6 Best Practices of Insourcing Implementation

Insourcing can be a great solution. But one size does not fit all. As we’ve discussed before, insourcing – engaging a third party to hire, manage and administer a functional team onsite with your organization – can be a great way to get both the benefits of ‘outsourcing’ and the convenience of an in-house function.Read more 

What is ‘insourcing’, anyway?

When it comes to recruiting, we’ve got some lexicon issues.   Once upon a time, organizations had 3 basic options when it came to recruiting and staffing: An in-house recruiting department Contingency-fee-based recruiting agency Temp staffing agencies These options work fine in certain situations, of course, but have limitations:  An in-house recruiting department is onlyRead more 

Why are so many job ads just so awful?

Spending an hour writing a better job ad could cut your time-to-hire in half. The other day a client came to me with a fantastic job opportunity:   North American marketing manager for a really cool packaged goods company.   They have a downtown office in a converted loft building, you can bring your dogRead more 

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