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Managing Millennials: Let them do your multi-tasking

Image courtesy of Last week I was at a conference and overheard a group of hiring managers complaining about their Gen Y employees. “These kids are driving me nuts,” was essentially what they all said. “They want a raise 5 minutes after they get here, they don’t stay one minute after 5 o’clock, theyRead more 

What’s in a name? 33% fewer interviews.

Last week we discussed diversity in the workplace and how important it is to be pro-active, both within the recruiting department and across the rest of the organization. That’s great, but before you can have a diverse workforce, you have to hire diverse candidates.   the problem is that discrimination often begins long before theRead more 

How to handle a bully in the workplace

Bullying doesn’t just happen in school These days we’re hearing more and more about bullying in school or child-related contexts – and as a society, we’re doing more to prevent, identify and stamp out bullying among kids. However, bullies aren’t confined to the schoolyard.  In fact, a recent article in Forbes says that bullying costsRead more 

The ROI of Video Interviewing

I feel like people have been telling me that video interviewing was ‘the new killer app’ since about 2008, but I’ve never been a convert.  While I’ve long seen its value for interviewing very high-level execs who have to be recruited internationally,  its use for everyday recruiting has always been limited by the fact thatRead more 

Is Your Compensation Program Working Against You?

You think you’re doing everything right:  You’ve got a great organizational culture, you’ve tried to help employees maintain a good work/life balance, and your company is meeting its business goals.  But somehow you can’t seem to attract great employees:  You’re able to get them into interviews, but when it comes to the crunch, you alwaysRead more 

Your ATS isn’t working. Have you tried getting some training?

No ATS is perfect. But yours could be working better. So  you succumbed to a combination of word-of-mouth and a smooth-sounding boardroom presentation and you got your company a brand-new ATS (applicant tracking system) that was going to Transform Your Recruiting Process. A year or two later, the system’s never worked as beautifully as itRead more 

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